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The increasing adoption of cloud and ever-evolving cyber-attacks are expanding threat perimeters in the digital world. Cyber defense is no more about ensuring compliance, it is about proactive mitigation of various types of risk. Enterprises looking to defend their digital assets must plan for it early in their transformation journey. A secure-by-design solution can empower businesses to combat sophisticated threats and drive purposeful growth at speed and scale.

It is important that businesses have a strategy to deliver effective enterprise security risk management and situational awareness using defense-in-depth strategies, monitoring, analysis and reporting.

We draw on our deep expertise of a pool of experienced security professionals to offer Cyber security solutions that address the key challenges faced by enterprises today. Our Cyber security consulting services aim to improve the agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness of the next generation needs of information security and compliance programs. We ensure a holistic risk driven approach for organizations with our solutions in the areas of identity and access governance, data protection, risk & compliance, threat management and mitigation i.e.application, network & mobile and cyber security monitoring & management.

Our Offerings

We uncover targeted risks and mitigation goals that directly tie cyber investments to business objectives while accelerating action with the most robust security models available, like Unified Common Security Framework, NIST, and others.

Our Risk Based Approach

The Risk-Based approach is a systematic method that identifies, evaluates, and prioritizes threats facing the organization. It is a customizable method that enables the business to tailor their cybersecurity program to specific organizational needs and operational vulnerabilities.

Conduct a Business Impact Analysis

The BIA identifies critical business processes and their supporting elements, helping you understand your environment, and what is most important, before you take steps to protect it.

Perform a Risk Assessment

The risk output value gives senior leadership the opportunity to understand and prioritize the different risks facing the organization and an actionable starting point

Identify and Implement Needed Controls

Identifying and implementing the right or required controls, provides a structure and an opportunity to update or create policies and procedures that solidify and communicate the organization’s vision and priorities for its cybersecurity

Test, Validate & Report

Testing and Validation gives confidence that controls are working and providing the needed security. An effective reporting will demonstrate progress to leadership and compliance to regulatory bodies

Continuous Monitoring & Governance

Adhering to a cycle can ensure that any new vulnerabilities or threats are identified and addressed in a consistent and timely manner, decreasing the chances that major issues go unnoticed. Continuous governance, will drive accountability for control implementation and assessment

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